Basic Tips On Preparing Your Child For Preschool

20 January 2017
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Starting school for the first time can be difficult for your child. They are beginning a new chapter of their life and it may seem overwhelming for someone so young. There is the unknown factor of what will happen at the school and how they will cope without their parents, especially if they haven't attended any type of daycare before. The information listed below provides some tips on how to prepare your child to start their preschool adventure.

Making New Friends Take advantage of the early arrival times to get to the school before the day starts. This will give you the opportunity to talk with other moms so that your child can make new friends. Don't shy away from introducing your child to her fellow classmates. In addition, consider inviting a few classmates over for a future play date.

Taking A Test Run

Take your child to the school a day early for a practice day. The teachers may be at the school the day earlier preparing for the arrival of their students. Consider asking your child's teacher to meet with you both before school starts for a tour. This may make it easier for your child when you drop them off on the first day.

Going School Supply Shopping

Don't go school supply shopping without your preschooler. Take your child with you and let them help you pick out their supplies and lunch box. The ability to be included may make your child feel excited and confident about attending preschool for the first time. In addition, consider letting them pick out their new school clothes too.

Getting Involved At The Preschool

If possible, it may be a good idea to volunteer at your child's preschool. Consider taking an active role in things like helping the teacher with special projects and field trips. This may also boost your child's confidence, knowing that on some days they will have a parent there with them.

If you become aware that your child is having issues with the transition to preschool, it's essential that you try and talk it out. Consider meeting with their teacher and getting suggestions on how you both can make this more comfortable for them. In addition, if it becomes a real issue, speak with the school guidance counselors as well. They may be able to pair your child up with another student that can help them with the transition. For more information, talk to a professional like Kid's Country Child Care & Learning Center.