Three Reasons Why Sending Your Singular-Language Child To A Bilingual Preschool Is A Good Idea

27 December 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

When selecting a preschool for your child, you may shy away from a preschool that allows children to speak whichever language they are most comfortable. However, a bilingual preschool is actually an excellent idea for many reasons. Here are just a few of those reasons.

Your Child Will Quickly Pick up Another Language from Other Children

When you mix children, half of which only speak English and half which only speak Spanish or another foreign language, all the kids teach each other how to speak. If your child only speaks English, he or she will quickly learn the other language from the other children. It is akin to total immersion in a language and a country that speaks it.  When your child spends several days a week working, learning and playing with children that only speak another language, eventually he or she will be speaking it fluently.

Your Child Will Learn All about Another Culture

In a bilingual world, there is another culture from which your child can learn. Language accompanies the culture that uses it. Additionally, a language, like Spanish, accompanies many different subcultures. Children who speak Spanish come from Mexico, the different and multiple countries of Central and South America, Spain, and many more. Each one of these countries has its own nuances within the language, and the culture of each country contributes new words and phrases to the language. When children come from many different countries but speak a singular language, others can learn from them.

Your Child Can Help Teach Your Language to the Students That Do Not Speak It

In return for learning another language fluently and other cultures, your child can provide the same benefits to the children who do not speak your language. It is a mutual exchange of ideas, language and cultures. Ergo, not only would your child benefit from time spent in a bilingual preschool, but he or she would be providing equal benefits to the other children at school as well.

Something Else to Note about Preschools and Early Education

Children learn the most and retain almost all of what they learn in the first five years of life. When you enroll your child in a bilingual preschool, everything he or she learns will stay with them for years to come, including the languages he/she learns. You may not get that level of education from any standard preschool.

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