Overcoming Challenges To Your Aviation School Education

17 December 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

Flying an aircraft is something a lot of people want to do but never accomplish. If you have always considered flying but have not yet started, it may be because you think there are insurmountable challenges. Luckily, those challenges can be overcome; here are two challenges you may face and how to get past them.

High Cost

One of the most often repeated challenges when it comes to flight training is that people don't think they are wealthy enough to start using a plane. The prevailing thought is that purchasing a plane is prohibitively expensive and that the cost of renting a plane is also very high. While it generally costs more to rent an aircraft than a car, it is also true that there are a variety of ways you can bring those costs down. For example, you can apply to and earn aviation scholarships in the industry that are specifically in place to help students like yourself. You can also choose to train on a smaller airplane, which can sometimes have lower rental costs.

You can also opt for a Sport Pilot License, which will typically mean you need fewer hours in an aircraft than if you seek other types of licenses; as a result, you'll pay lower rental fees.

Amount of Time

Like many people who want to enroll in aviation school, you might have a full-time job and a family; you may think you simply have no time to spend flying about in the sky for hours and hours at a time. What you might not know, however, is that you may be inflating the amount of time you are actually required to be in an aircraft before you're eligible for a valid license. Only 20-40 hours are typically required. You can spread out that time however you like. Some get the hours out of the way with some kind of acceleration program, while others fly every weekend.

You can also cut down on flying time by using flight simulation software in your free time. This will help you hone your skills and focus on your technique whenever you've got a few spare moments instead of having to make the journey to school whenever you want to practice. You will have to have your skills evaluated by a teacher and the software doesn't count toward your required hours, but being able to better yourself at home will help on-site training go more quickly.

Check with your aviation school regarding possible scholarships and further assistance so that you can turn your flying dream into a reality.