Child Safety: Talking To Kids About Strangers

9 May 2016
 Categories: Education & Development, Blog

If you are placing your child into a child care center or early learning education program, they need to be aware of strangers and what they are. When your child begins to venture out into the world, they can get excited with all that is going on and may have little understanding as to who is safe to speak to and who is not. The following are some ideas to help guide your children when it comes to talking to strangers:

Train Your Children On Speaking To Those Whom They Do Not Know

One of the first lessons to teach your child is how they should behave around those they do not know. At this age, children can be very curious and their social skills are starting to kick in. It is crucial that children understand that they are not to talk to anyone they do not know while not in your presence. You need to be specific, however, when it comes to "safe" people that you want your child to interact with. For instance, if they are meeting a new teacher or a distant relative that they have never met, you will need to reiterate that these are good people who care about them and it is safe to interact. You will need to help your child learn to discern between who is safe and who is not.

Always Have Your Child In Your Sight

To prevent your child from interacting with strangers, it is crucial that you keep your children in sight. Your child may automatically assume you know their location and only become concerned when they cannot see you. What you want to avoid is your child walking up to a random person and telling them they are lost. In the event this happens, train them to look for someone in authority to ask for help, such as a police officer or security guard. However, it is best to prevent this from occurring altogether by keeping a close watch on your child.

Do Not Display Their Name

What parent does not adore the monogrammed shirts and backpacks with the child's name so nicely embroidered on them? However, this can pose a threat to a child, particularly in crowded locations. There are some malicious people who are intent on causing harm or even kidnapping children. They know that children will respond when their name is called. Encourage your child to look for you if they hear their name called to see if it is safe to speak to that person. For the safety of your child, avoid having their names in public view.

Have these conversations with your child as early as you think they will comprehend. This way, they will get a safe start into the world once they are no longer in your presence every hour of every day. For more information about child care, contact a company like Miniapple International Montessori School.